The Benefits of Nearshore Outsourcing

Outsourcing is all but required to maintain a competitive advantage, especially if you are a start-up, small business, or mid sized company. Major corporations may be able to afford domestic staffing solutions, but even those companies tend to fill gaps with outsourced solutions.

Offshore outsourcing can cause many problems. Language and cultural barriers can cause project delays and customer dissatisfaction. Political instability and certain global crises can cause major business interruptions.

Enter nearshoring, the answer to these major issues. Here are four major benefits to outsourcing your staff to Mexico.


Nearshoring is far less expensive than hiring your own team. It’s also less expensive than outsourcing to a domestic provider. Salary expectations and needs are lower in Mexico, as is the cost of living. 

We can help our clients save as much as 50% when building certain teams, including highly technical teams such as software developers. 

Educational and Infrastructural Parity

Mexico has over 519 educational institutions. These universities immerse students in courses and learning activities pertaining to their degree from Day 1, and often do their best to link students up with internships so they enter thee workforce with incredible experience.

In addition, the workers in Mexico have access to high speed internet, outstanding phone service, regular electrical service, and quality computers, allowing them to provide uninterrupted service. 

Common Languages

13% of the American population speaks Spanish at home. The US has the second largest population of Spanish speakers in the world.

12% of the Mexican population speaks English.

All of our workers speak both languages fluently. This means that our team can communicate closely with yours, and communicate closely with your customers.  

There are cultural similarities as well, which can make a big difference both to a productive working relationship and to customer satisfaction. 

The Ability to Troubleshoot

You’ll be in a similar timezone, so that it’s easy to catch problems quickly, and to solve them. You don’t waste an entire day waiting for your team to wake up and get to work. It’s simple to put in a quick Zoom call, text, or email to troubleshoot problems. 

As the Woodrow Wilson Center noted: “Some international firms found that distance was more costly than anticipated. It was harder to monitor facilities, more difficult to build trustworthy relations with suppliers, and more exhausting for executives to fly across so many time zones.” 

Nearshoring solves these problems. 

Need help? 

Our team is able to fill a variety of roles, including customer support, inbound sales, tech support, live chat support, bilingual business intelligence, and tailored back office support solutions. Reach out to Netatech to find out how we can help you meet your nearshoring needs.