NearShore BPO

NearShore BPO drives growth with your custom hand-picked teams of English proficient agents that are seamlessly integrated into your organization. It saves most organizations up to 50% on tailored back-office support solutions specific to your business.


Why choose Netatech for your business?

Business Process Outsourcing is the business secret that turns small start-ups into major corporations in today’s ever-changing and highly competitive business environment.

Simplify human talent management

We fill a variety of roles for our clients, including

Back Office Support

consulting methodology

Target design

Initial supplies

Information analysis

Customer interview schedule

Work plan

Applications Interview

Observational studies

Statistical studies

Cross-referencing of information

Alignment of objectives and possible solutions

Determination of digital maturity

Design of solutions


Digital transformation

Business transformation

Business cases

Financial evaluation


Technology self-sustainability

Technological self-sustainability

Executive Report

Final Presentation

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