NearShore DevOps

NearShore DevOps has become the modern change agent for the IT sector in recent years. Why is it so powerful? It gives organizations the opportunity to combine cost-effective software development with back-end business operations.


Why choose Netatech for your business?

Software development, including full-stack product development, back-end business operations development, mobile app development, and more.

We’ll help you with powerful services!

1. Software Architecture Design

On-premise, cloud, or hybrid design that is fully compatible with scalability and elasticity. We make effective and widespread use of application integrations to increase the power of our designs.

2. Mobile App Design

We design the application experience to work on many mobile devices in a coherent, secure, and consistent way. We have extensive experience in developing hybrid and progressive native applications based on modular design patterns.


area of expertise

consulting methodology

Target design

Initial supplies

Information analysis

Customer interview schedule

Work plan

Applications Interview

Observational studies

Statistical studies

Cross-referencing of information

Alignment of objectives and possible solutions

Determination of digital maturity

Design of solutions


Digital transformation

Business transformation

Business cases

Financial evaluation


Technology self-sustainability

Technological self-sustainability

Executive Report

Final Presentation

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