Our Team


A team of diverse members inculcating various types of talent to offer you simple solutions for the most complex IT management issues.

Humberto García Marín


Humberto is convinced that the main innovation is the function of the intelligent enabling of information technologies in companies seeking to find value for all interested parties (stake holders), and the vision of becoming a “driver” to build the business strategies of companies or institutions, including to see traditionally neglected market niches where blue oceans are waiting to be included in the prosperity of technology, and its corresponding impact on GDP.

During the pandemic Humberto has begun the entrepreneurship of new startups as well become member of two VC (1 in USA and other in Mexico) to invest mainly in LatAm startups in early stages. Going to USA is a great challenge, but when your DNA is to deploy IT Products & Services above expectations, long term relationship has just begun with a new customer base.

Chad Cogburn


An influential entrepreneur promoting innovative business solutions that include High Volume IT staff augmentation, consulting, software / hardware solutions and SaaS delivery models in diverse sectors including high tech, Insurance, Financial, government, healthcare, oil and gas, manufacturing, and retail.

Proven success in leading strategic business development, enterprise account management and operational management.
Recognized for contributions to record-setting sales figures, territory
expansion and new account development.
Offer an in-depth understanding of sales cycle process and remain
focused on customer satisfaction throughout all stages.

Value creation is the name of the game when the value is following you, retirement is for dead people, and yes you do not need to
dieto be a dead soul, so no time to waste to keep creating value before the last call!

Humberto Garcia Marin

CEO, Netatech

Illiana Sanchez

Born in Mexico City, she completed her Bachelor of Business Strategy and Administration in 2016 at Monterrey Tech. She began her professional activities in consulting firm London Consulting Group, providing best process practices to different kinds of industries along Central and South America. Her experience is focused on creating process efficiencies with innovative solutions that create value to the enterprises with strategic thinking.

Started working in CITI convinced that with creativity, collaboration, and dedication, great new business ideas can emerge to generate growth, not for the company itself but also for the society we live in. It’s important to generate and be the change we are aiming at for creating value all around us.

Tom Hughes

Strategic Advisor

Tom Hughes 25-year career with IBM Software Engineering managed all Numeric control and logistics data supporting Build and test components for Mainframe Manufacturing. Management leader of a corporate wide development effort an IBM world common Manufacturing system successfully, installed on time defect free in several IBM world trade sites as well as Domestic.

Tom followed up with Sixteen years with IIC “Indotronix International Corporation” as a sales exec reporting directly to the founder. He was the number one leader in sales for IIC for each of the sixteen years. As a testimony to his IBM career the majority of his Software services contracts with IIC was for IBM in large part due to the trust and confidence he left behind as a technical delivery manager.

IIC had over 500 million in sales with IBM during Toms Tenure

Tom brings with him many years of successful delivery and understanding of the importance of open transparent communication in avoiding problems. He also believes in owning and correcting problems that do occur as well as addressing the causes to minimize recurrence.

One of Toms quotes “sales success is defined by timely quality delivery and minimal problems but reinforced by owning and correcting them and their cause on the rare occasions they do occur”

Rafael J. Guerrero

VP of Operations

Rafael has a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and a MBA with the University of Texas at Austin. He joined NetatTech from Antfactory Latin America, a VC and Boutique Consulting firm where he successfully performed as CTO and COO for over 20-years. He started his 35-years+ career with Control Data Corporation (a Mainframe manufacturer and later Systems Integrator) and has since occupied a number of managerial and executive positions with companies like Ameridata, GE Capital IT Solutions, TMM and Cambridge Technology Partners.


Illiana Sanchez

Ileana Valero