SOLUTION #282: Design Number 9

Our latest published project is this new look, which is still being worked on. We've been playing with some fun, smart technologies (Web 2.0 kind of stuff) for our customers and thought we'd bring some of that love to ourselves.


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CUSTOMERS Technologies for Learning Group Headblade Early Child Development || Red River College

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~200 projects in online advertising
Red River College
~12 projects in educational use of media, interactive CD-ROM development, fundraising promotional media and web site programming
Dalhousie University
interface and tutorial for database
Technologies for Learning Group
~10 projects in corporate educational use of technology
Team Canada Merchandising Inc.
e-commerce site
Starbuck Credit Union
web design
Brushfire Signs
web programming
G & S Distributors
online shopping cart
online shopping cart
Learning Agents
~8 projects in web design and programming
Nisby Canada
web design and search engine optimization
Blair Sonnichsen
web design and online real estate listings management
Bernie Wilson
web programming
David Kyle
web programming
RobRoy Signs
web design
BelleFosh Signs
web design
web design and PayPal shopping cart
~9 projects including web design and programming
Cornelia Bean
web programming
Freedom Concepts
web design and programming
web design
web design
Jennifer Skromeda
web design
The Piano Shop
web site design
Whyte Ridge Music Center
web design
Youth for Christ Winnipeg
web design and programming
Manitoba Athletic Therapists Association
web design
Aikens Lake
programming for promotional CD-ROM



"Determining or finding quality... involves an understanding of use, beauty and existence."

Our approach to web development is similar to that of the craftsman: we care about our work, we focus on our work, we love our work, and stand proudly by our work.

More on quality, value and craftsmanship in the web world will be coming soon when we finish our CMS.



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